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"When you look good we feel good, when we feel good you create the energy and when we create the energy anything is possible." - Belinda Pendrey, Like A Star Founder.

Like A Star is much more than a fashion boutique, it's a place where you can flourish and see your full potential in a fun and inspiring way. 

Like A Star's carefully curated collection showcases both international designers and Australian fashion brands, containing wardrobe essentials and hand-picked statement pieces with personality and pizazz to help you stand out from the masses and illuminate your individual style. 


Ultragirl bow shoe


Brand Mini Melissa

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Fashion Insights

The business of fashion ....a daily war zone!

15 years, some 5500 days and who knows how many hours and sleep deprived nights… No I'm not referring to becoming a mother for the first time, I'm referring to that date in which my first job in the fashion industry started.

I used to think that giving my all and working for someone else was hard... Nooo it's not! Not compared to what is now affectionately known in my household as ‘the war zone’ of business in fashion!

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Sergio – Giuseppe – McQueen. Oh My!!!!

Welcome to my Like A Star world. My name is Belinda. I’m a mummy and wifey first and foremost but this busy mummy has one other deep passion in life. Needless to say, I love all things fashion!!!

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